Not to me, to your body, its talking to you, always...Learn to listen to your body, thats what pilates can offer you.

this gets deep

Our body was designed to heal itself and we make that difficult in the way we pollute it with our sedentary lifestyle.  We get in its way by being in our headspace way more than needed. This can be addressed through fitness and healthy eating habits.

Lifestyle Adjustment

We impose limits on ourselves by submitting to a limited lifestyle.  If done right, Pilates and healthy eating habits can bring you a more energized and empowered life.  More space for your organs and skeleton to do their thing, what they were designed to do..

Let me help you be more aware

Angelica Palomo stands for healing, through nutrition and movement.  She teaches people with tight hips, muscle pain and poor nutrition how to stretch, strengthen and eat better, so that they can feel better.  For the past 8 years, she has devoted herself to teaching Pilates, serving clients in Vernon Hills at Lifetime Fitness and in Chicago at Fitness Formula Clubs, Sanavita Studio and River West Fitness Studio.  While completing her Dance Degree at Columbia College Chicago, she fell in love with Pilates.  She began her training with Power Pilates and has her mat, intermediate mat, and a 600 hour comprehensive training certification, which involves all apparatuses.  Her teaching methods, which stem from Joseph Pilates and her own dance career, involve a movement based, systematic, integrative style.  She has seen that having her clients learn in a flowing style, strengthens their mind body muscle and get their minds to listen to their own body's corrections at the right time. With consistent practice, this awareness can rid them of weaknesses that contribute to chronic injuries.  She emphasizes the importance of responsibility for your own body and is committed to helping others find that power within themselves.   She has now partnered with Purium, a whole foods based nutrition company that sells superfoods, and is excited to combine nutrition and pilates in her monthly programs.   

Angie believes just as a scar heals on the skin, the body has the potential to heal from any illness or pain.  And if you have that same belief she is willing to be patient and work with you on reaching your health and fitness goals or refer you to someone who she believes can help.  When she is not working with you, she spends all her money traveling to other countries and recommends you do the same.