Angie is a great instructor! I have seen a big improvement in my overall strength and have learned how to engage the right muscles for the exercises vs cheating my way through a class so that it’s easier. She continues to challenge me with new poses and harder moves, and I always look forward to a tough workout with her!
— Bao Nguyen
I work with Angelica since November of last year and have nothing but great appreciation of her patience, attitude and understanding of my needs. She is knowledgable and friendly, pays very close attention to my movements, immediately notices and quickly corrects mistakes. She is good in explaining how to do exercises right, how to control muscles and what to do outside of training sessions to achieve better results. I noticed significant improvements in my posture and reduced tightness in my shoulders and neck - two major reasons I started Pilates in the first place.
— Ilya Volvovski
Angie is a great instructor. She is very technically sound. Her classes are challenging and fun. I’m hooked and my strength, flexibility and overall well-being are the greatest gains!
— Leanne Redden
Angie is an excellent Pilates instructor. She’s sensitive, kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and passionate about this type of therapy. She’s also very patient and knows just when to push me a bit and when to allow me to rest, because she is present to her clients. Her entire focus during a session is on me getting stronger and better. Since I have been doing Pilates with Angie, my core is getting stronger and and my overall vitality is improving...and I’m just getting started. I’m am very excited to continue Pilates with Angie because my body is transforming for the better!
— Steve Ordower
I started Pilates with Angie 2 years ago as a beginner and have been with her ever since. She pays careful attention to form and corrects immediately if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve learned there is no way to “cheat” when your in a session with Angie. I also like that she splits session time between the reformer and the mat. This way every session is a bit different. Let’s just say Angie is such a great Pilates teacher that I now drive 1 hour each weekend to have a session with her.
— Tanya Stahl
Outstanding. 2 plus years and every workout challenges me to grow a little. Her eye for detail and focus is amazing. I love every session She tactfully corrects and encourages me. Couldn’t ask for more
— Edward Tudor
I first met Angie during physical therapy for a knee injury. With Angie’s encouragement, I was able to accomplish much more than I thought possible. When my physical therapy ended, I continued to work with her and she has become my friend as well as my instructor. Many years ago, I was injured in a boating accident. After 14 operations and years of sitting at a desk, I was worn out, tired and weak. With Angie’s help, I have become stronger, my balance has improved, and I have been able to appreciate these changes in my daily activities. She knows exactly how to challenge you, so that you can make noticeable improvements without overwhelming or causing frustration.
— Gale Metz