What is Pilates?

Invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, Pilates is now a system of integrated exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support our core, the Powerhouse. It is a total body workout that strengthens the mind body muscle. The muscles we use to breathe, is the core, it reconnects that relationship. Stress can be stored in the muscles as well and Pilates helps to relieve that pressure through conscious movement. And then there is the pressure that gravity puts on our skeleton,. which puts pressure on our organs. When the core is engaged properly , the muscles are creating space with in the body for the organs and bones to function properly. Each movement requires awareness and mental concentration. The exercises are great for 

  • rehabbing almost any injury

  • supports the pelvis and spine

  • builds lung capacity

  • increases flexibility

  • improves balance & control

  • corrects muscular imbalances

pilates is great for athletes, boxers, dancers, gymnasts, and golfers it can only improve your game. Hurt less, play more!


An animated history of the Remarkable life of Joseph Pilates, Creator of the Pilates Technique